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Frohes Neues!

Dies Domini.

Frohes Neues Kirchenjahr!

(Nur mal so)

5 Kommentare zu “ Frohes Neues!”

  1. Cicero meint:

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  2. Echo Romeo meint:

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    Auch so, ihr Lieben!

  3. Andrea meint:

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  4. Jack meint:

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    Happy Advent. By the way, Kevin is 27 today, December 4th. Send him an email. After all, you guys are almost something like brothers; do you remember how we had to separate you all, from each other, when you got into disputes about different things?
    You probably do not remember, but I fucking do, because I was the referee!!! Good days back then and I hope that you and your own are doing well. Give your family my best and call whenever you feel like it. Love, Jack und Angelika aus St. Louis, Missouri, unter Eis und Schee und arschkalt.

  5. Ralf meint:

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    Oh, it’s great to hear from you, Jack!! I have to admit though that you’d have to send me both your phone number and Kevin’s Email address. Back then there was no thing like Email, we actually used real pens! :-)
    You’re right, I don’t remember a thing about our fights, but I do remember your Irish bagpipe playing with Kevin’s Fiddle and my attempts on improvising on my tenorsaxophone, and much more.

    Only the positive stuff :-)

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