Wir haben nicht zu wenig Glauben heutzutage

Sondern zu viel Glauben an die falschen “Götter”.

Der jüdische Rabbi Jonathan Sacks schreibt treffend:

The supreme irony of our current situation is that it came about in a secular age not because of a lack of faith but because of too much faith in the wrong things. Faith in the market as a self-correcting system. Faith in the securitization of risk, as if you could eliminate uncertainty by paying someone else to carry it on your behalf. Faith in regulatory authorities to rid the world of sin. Faith in the combination of the market and technology to generate ceaseless economic growth.

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  1. Jack Buckley meint:

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    I just read the whole article and subscribed to his website. Really good, and quite a good writer. Martin and his wife Suzie are having our first grand daughter in April. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Jack and Angelika

  2. Ralf meint:

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    Same to you and thank you very much.

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